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Makimono (Rolls)

Shrimp Tempura Roll    $8.95
Fried shrimp, avocado and cucumbers

California Roll    $5.95
Krab, avocado and cucumbers

JB Roll    $6.50
Salmon, cream cheese and scallions

Tuna Roll    $6.50

Eel Roll     $7.95
Eel and avocado

Spicy Tuna Roll     $8.50
Tuna, scallions and cucumber mixed with a spicy sauce

Boston Roll    $7.50
Shrimp, avocado, lettuce, cucumber and mayo

Vegetable Roll    $5.95
Avocado, cucumber, carrot, spinach and kampyo

Salmon Skin Roll     $5.95
Salmon skin and scallions

Smoked Salmon roll    $7.95
Smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado

KC Roll    $8.95
Salmon, krab, cream cheese, avocado wrapped in cucumber

Kamikaze    $8.50
Tuna, scallions and tempura flakes mixed with spicy mayo

Negi Hama    $6.95
Yellowtail and scallions

Yummy Roll    $8.50
Krab, avocado and tempura flakes mixed with spicy mayo

Spicy Yellowtail    $8.95
Yellowtail, mango and scallions mixed with spicy mayo

Rock N’ Roll    $8.95
Fried white fish, asparagus, scallions, avocado, cucumber and spicy mayo

Tyler J Roll    $13.95
Spicy tuna, eel, cucumber, scallions and seaweed salad With avocado and tempura flakes on top.

Volcano Roll    $10.50
California roll topped w/dynamite

Rainbow Roll    $10.95
Rainbow of fish on top of a California roll

Spider Roll    $11.50
Soft-shell crab, asparagus, avocado, scallions and masago

Evergreen Roll    $10.50
Chicken tempura, lettuce, cream cheese with avocado on top

Krusty Krab    $11.95
Fried krab, cooked salmon, cream cheese and avocado. Scallions and masago on top.

Sexy Tuna Roll    $12.50
Krab salad, avocado and cucumber topped with red and white Tuna mixed with spicy mayo.

Dancing Eel    $10.95
California roll topped with strips of eel.

Dragon Roll    $10.95
Shrimp tempura, asparagus and scallions topped w/ avocado

Super Duper Roll    $14.50
Shrimp tempura, eel, avocado, cucumber topped with seared tuna, Scallions, masago and tempura flakes.

Fire Mountain Roll    $14.50
Shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber topped with Krab salad and tuna.

Mango Tango    $13.95
Mango, krab, shrimp, avocado and cream cheese Topped with seared tuna.

Salmon Crunch    $9.50
Salmon, carrots, cream cheese, asparagus, scallions And krab. No rice. Deep fried.

JB Tempura    $8.50
Salmon, cream cheese and scallions. Deep fried.

Taylor Rayne    $14.50
Shrimp tempura, tuna, avocado, cream cheese With spicy krab and tempura flakes on top

Phoenix Roll    $11.50
Tuna, salmon, escolar, avocado and krab

Birthday Roll (i/o m)    $13.95
Shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese, asparagus And scallions. Topped with avocado

Dinosaur Roll    $11.95
Shrimp, tuna, eel, krab and scallions. Deep-fried.

Carly Roll    $11.95
Spicy tuna, asparagus, scallions, tempura flakes With avocado on top

Crazy Larry Roll    $13.95
Spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber topped with salmon And tempura flakes.

TLC    $14.50
Spicy krab, shrimp, mango, avocado. Topped with Hamachi, masago, scallions, jalapeno

Lobster Bomb    $18.50
Lobster tempura, avocado, cucumber, masago And spicy mayo.

Jack Anthony    $12.50
Smoke salmon, asparagus, scallions, avocado, Mango and jalapeno.



Krab, Shrimp, Snapper, Masago    $2.00

Eel, Salmon, Escolar, Tuna, Hamachi    $3.00

Octopus,  Ikura    $3.75

Combo Served with choice of soup or salad

Sushi Mori    $19.95
California roll and 10 pcs of sushi

Sushi Mori for 2    $36.95
California roll, JB roll and 20 pcs of sushi

Lady Finger    $17.95
Rainbow roll and 5 pcs of sushi

Sashimi Mori    $22.95
16 pcs of sashimi

Mini-Single    $21.50
Rainbow roll, 4 pcs sushi, 6 pcs sashimi

Single    $25.95
California roll, 9 pcs sashimi, 7 pcs sushi

Double    $51.95
California roll, JB roll, 12 pcs sashimi, 12 pcs sushi

Temaki (Hand Rolls)

California     $3.95

JB    $4.50

Salmon Skin    $3.95

Negi Tuna    $4.50

Negi Hamachi    $4.50

Spicy Tuna    $4.95

Yummy    $3.95

Unagi    $4.95

Dynamite    $4.50

Shrimp Tempura    $3.95

Spider    $4.95

The FDA advises that consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs increases your risk of foodborne illness.